Deeper Water

means we will increasingly be a church that is characterized by a robust spiritual life, rooted in knowing Jesus and experiencing the presence of the Holy Spirit. To this end we will cultivate environments where meaningful spiritual growth can and will flourish.

There are several ways people of all ages can get involved in order to pursue this kind of growth:

  • Sunday morning worship services
  • Mid-week Life Gatherings (small groups)
  • Children’s Ministry (Zoom)
  • Jr. and Sr. High programs (Spin/Junction)
  • Prayer groups
  • Men’s and Women’s Bible studies
  • Mentoring relationships
  • Mid-week worship spaces
  • Senior’s gatherings (Better Together)

Speak to a volunteer at The Hub or any of our staff for info on how you can ‘push out into deeper water’ with us

Bigger Waves

Bigger Waves means we will actively pursue strategic opportunities to engage our community and our world as the hands and feet of Jesus. Through active service and involvement with a network of local, national, and international partners, we will leverage opportunities to reach and bless others. This is central to who Chartwell is and will continue to be. Some of our ‘waves’ include:

  • Annual support for more than 20 missionaries, development workers and agencies both nationally and internationally
  • Active participation in the work of KSM
  • Refugee Sponsorship and support
  • The creation & ongoing ministry of Prince Charles Place (Chartwell Baptist Community Homes)
  • Regular evangelism programs throughout our city
  • Leadership & participation in the Halton Food Drive
  • Annual Carols in the Square (Oakville Town Square)
  • Partnerships with Christians Against Poverty, Kerr Street Mission, and more

Speak to our Outreach Deacon for more information.