Chartwell is a faith community rooted in God’s love, called to forming inspired, dedicated followers of Jesus Christ. Chartwells formation values express what it means to be a passionate follower of Jesus Christ–worshipping God, loving each other, caring for our communities and serving the world.

Recognizing that Chartwell will always be committed and adhere to the Nicene and Apostle’s Creeds and our agreed statement of Faith Values, the Truth we seek as a church is the person of Jesus Christ.  He is the definitive Word of God and the epicenter of all we are seeking to be.  We will pursue faith, community and mission that is reflective of the God we see revealed on the cross of Jesus Christ.  The scandal of the gospel is not that Jesus was so much like God but that God is exactly who we see in Jesus.

We acknowledge that faithful theological reflection will rarely result in uniformity of understanding. Although this may at times be uncomfortable, we believe it to be a genuine expression of God’s Kingdom.  We will be at peace with the tensions, complexities, and mysteries that our questions raise.  In fact, we will allow our differences and questions to be the soil in which deep Christian faith and relationship grows.  We will engage in regular, thoughtful and prayerful consideration of His claims, admitting that sometimes the questions we ask may not be the ones Jesus is seeking to answer.

Who are we becoming?
The people of Chartwell Church desire to lean into a faith pursuit that seeks after community and mission reflective of the God seen as loving the world through the cross of Jesus Christ.



We seek to live out God’s Kingdom by:

  • Accepting our identity in Christ
  • Being alive to our identity with each other
  • Being active in our identity with the world


We express our love for God through worship.

PERSONAL: worship invites us to nurture our relationship with God through adoration, intimacy, reflection and gratitude.
COMMUNAL: worship is expressed and cultivated foundationally through the values and practices of celebration, praise, confession, prayer, scripture, giving, teaching, testimony, friendship, communion, and baptism.

We pray for a deeper life in Christ.


  • As a spiritual community, we are committed to building up, training and forming people of all ages and all backgrounds to become passionate, mature, faithful disciples of Jesus Christ.
  • We share life together through life gatherings, meals, celebrations, ministry/mission teams, one to one relationships, and larger gatherings.

We pray for each other and our church.


  • We believe that God calls his people to love and care for their local communities.
  • We recognize that local Christian communities are called to care for their immediate neighbourhoods, towns and cities as an initial expression of ministry and mission.
  • We believe that God has placed us in this local area to love, serve and engage with our neighbours.

We pray for our communities and our neighbourhoods.


We believe that loving God means loving God’s world.
We seek to live this out by:

  • Praying for God’s will in the world and God’s kingdom to come.
  • Sharing the Good news of God’s love in Jesus Christ.
  • Supporting and serving communities around the world.
  • We respond to situations of crisis through providing physical/material relief.
  • We pray for peace.
  • We are committed to the care of God’s creation.
  • We have a special calling to serve the poor.

We pray for our world.