We’re a small eclectic group of folks who just happen to love God and each other, and want to share that love with the broken hearted He sends our way. From the 10am before-the-service coffee to the after-the-service soup and sandwich lunch, we are a church like you’ve never been part of before, a gathering together of people who are different and do things with a difference.

to help Jesus bring restoration and healing to those who live in the Kerr Community.

We come from different countries and cultures. We have arrived carrying various amounts of baggage. Our levels of education differ widely, as do our social skills. Some of us have known the Lord most of our lives while others have not personally met Him yet. We may come to church wearing our best new clothes, and sit without judgement beside someone wearing their best old clothes. Amazingly, through the grace of God our differences complement each other, and we discover that there is room for each of us and we all fit in.

SERVICE TIME: Sunday: 10:00AM -12:00PM

484 Kerr Street, Oakville, ON (in the basement)

Pastor of Kerr Congregation

Rich Chambers
905-844-2801 ext 23